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Clutch Repair: What To Watch Out For

The clutch is an important component of your car which can become easily worn over time. Failure to get it changed as quickly as possible can result in permanent damage to your vehicle and pose a potential safety risk. Below are some ways in which you can tell if your clutch is worn out. If you think your clutch might be wearing out, bring your car into Kar-Dok as soon as possible, and we will be happy to assist you.

Clutch Repair


A slipping clutch is the most obvious sign that your clutch needs repairing or replacing. If you notice a change in engine speed without noticeable acceleration, a change in the biting point between the clutch and accelerator, or a reduced amount of power when accelerating, your clutch will more than likely need repairing.

Clutch Repair

Burning Smell

Take a look under the bonnet of your car. A burning smell can indicate several potential problems with your car including an oil leak or faulty electrical wiring, but it is also one of the main signs of a slipping clutch.

Clutch Repair

How to test the clutch

In a safe area, press down on the clutch in first gear and slowly lift your foot off. There should be a space of about 2-4cm before your clutch starts to disengage. If the clutch disengages too soon, it means that your clutch is not riding and needs to be repaired.