Suspension replacement

Is your ride starting to feel bumpy? It may be time to replace your suspension

Your cars suspension system, one of the key components of your vehicle, can sometimes be overlooked as an unimportant part of general car maintenance compared with an oil change or having your brakes checked. In actual fact, poor suspension can have an effect not only on the comfort of the ride, but the steering, handling and braking.

Signs that your suspension may need attention:

Rough Ride

Perhaps the most obvious, but if your car is excessively bouncy and you’re feeling every little bump in the road, it’s time to have your suspension checked.

Pulling when Turning

If you feel your car pulling or drifting when you go round a corner, this can be a sign that the shock absorbers are no longer able to keep the car stable against the force of the turn and may need replacing.

Intermittent Knocking Noises

When you turn a corner or go over a bump, a knocking noise can be a dead give-away your suspension needs some TLC

Dipping when Stopping

If the front of the car dips down when braking, it’s likely that the shock absorbers are no longer effective. This will impact your ability to stop the car quickly, poor suspension can actually increase the time it takes you to stop by 20%.

Uneven Tyre Treads

Give your tyres a check over, if you notice signs of uneven wear, or any bald patches, this means the car is not being supported evenly and your suspension should be checked.

Oily Shock Absorbers

If it’s possible, have a look under the car at the shocks, if they look greasy or oily they could be leaking fluid and may need replacing.

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