When to know if your new car is due for a service


When to know if your new car is due for a service

There’s nothing quite like buying a new car. From compliments on your new wheels to the joy of not having to worry about car service for a while, driving a new car is refreshing. Unfortunately, many people fall in love with their cars and forget that it needs attention, much like any other car. It’s not unusual for owners to ignore something as simple as a car interim service and to allow problems to build up until they require complete car repair.

full-service-kar-dok-car-repair-garageThe right time to go in for your first car service

Many automobile experts and mechanics agree that the best time to have your car checked is after about a year since its purchase. This time frame can change depending on the type of car you are driving. Some manufacturers advise going for car full service after one year while others suggest going for one car interim service after about 6 months. If you are not sure when to take your car in for a service, you can also look out for the following signs:

Problematic brake pads

You don’t need a mechanic to inspect your brake pads. If you look through your wheels’ spokes, you should see the pads which are meant to be about ¼ inch in thickness. If they look a bit thinned out and weary, you should take your car to your mechanic for proper inspection.

Troubles with your pedals

Be it unusual stiffness or hyper-flexibility, malfunctioning pedals are incredibly dangerous. If your brake pedal is too stiff, for example, you can crash into oncoming traffic or pedestrians and cause multiple casualties or fatalities. If you notice any problems with your pedals then you need car service immediately.


Nothing is more frightening than the feeling that your car is out of control. If your car is going in a direction different to the one you are steering, chances are the brakes or tracking system might be malfunctioning or your tires are not even. Whatever it is, you shouldn’t wait for the year-end car full service to have it checked out. It requires your attention immediately before you crash your car.

Peculiar noises

Even brand new cars can produce noises that are not normal. From strange grinding noises to full on squeals, your car can produce noises that act as a signal of a big problem. Peculiar sounds are usually a result of friction between two parts that are not supposed to be colliding in the first place. If left unattended, it could damage both parts and cost a lot of money to repair. It is best to have your mechanic inspect the problem and fix it before it develops into something serious and costly.

As long as you keep watch for any abnormalities in your car’s day to day function, you should be able to figure out just when you need to take it in for a service. If you are not sure, you can always consult with your mechanic as he will be well equipped to fix the problem, minor or major, before it damages your car.

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