What to do after getting your car serviced?

What to do after getting your car serviced?

When it comes to our beloved cars, there is no avoiding future problems and breakdowns. All we can do is maintain our cars to ensure that any problems that may occur are not extensive or too costly to fix. With that in mind, car service is inevitable at some point. I have already gone into detail about how to decide whether your car is due for a car interim service or whether you are in need of a car full service and so, I will not discuss that in this article. I am, however, going to give you some tips on what to do after each car service:

vehicle-check-car full-serviceCheck the job sheet thoroughly

During each car service or even full car repair, there is likely to be a job sheet prepared to help the mechanic keep track of what exactly needs to be fixed. Before driving off with your car, it’s important to go through the sheet while inspecting your car to ensure that every problem you highlighted was fixed. In the event that something you were unaware of was fixed or even replaced, you can use this moment to discuss it with the mechanic.

Check your final bill

Once your car is ready for pick up, you should be given a bill listing each item that was fixed or installed, along with the price. Check the bill carefully to make sure that the prices on the bill match the quotes you were given before the service and be especially attentive to errors that could leave you paying more than you have to.

Check the fluids

It’s not uncommon for mechanics to drain the fuel or engine oil from your car for second-hand resale. Before leaving your car for a service, it’s important to check the levels of important fluids in your car. Once your car has been serviced, check the levels again to see if they have been drained out or lowered to significant levels. It’s also possible for mechanics or even other employees at the station to use your car while it’s in their possession and not top up the fuel. Make sure to check the fuel gauge and if it is really low or empty, you can take it up with the mechanic or the manager at the station.

Road testing is important

A lot of people rush to drive away with their car and consider the mechanic’s word as enough assurance that the car is in good shape only to be disappointed when it breaks down in a few days or weeks. Always take the time to go for a quick test drive and be sure to bring your mechanic so you can determine if there is any change in the car’s condition. Ignoring this step could mean having to come back for another service in a very short time.

Once you have checked your car thoroughly and are satisfied, you can now drive away with your car and enjoy it until it is in need of another service.

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