Understanding the difference between full and interim car service

difference between full and interim car service

Understanding the difference between full and interim car service

Owning a car is exciting but carries a great deal of responsibility with it as well. You need to have your car serviced on a regular basis if you wish to enjoy the full benefits of owning a car. That being said, car service is more of a personal obligation than a legal requirement and so many people don’t always know when to have their car checked or how many times per year they need to. In addition to this, not everyone understands the importance of car service and many will likely ignore small problems until their car is in need of a full car repair.

There are plenty of reasons to have your car checked out and these include:

  • Keeping it in good condition in case you wish to sell the car.
  • Saving fuel costs by maintaining its efficiency.
  • Making your car safer for your sake and that of other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Avoiding complicated breakdowns that will require costly car repair.
  • Maintaining the overall value of the car.

Now that you have an idea just why car service is so important, you might be left wondering what type of service your car requires. There are 2 servicing options, namely: car interim service and car full service. Below, I will explain briefly just how the two differ from one another.

car-repair-london-garage-hampsteadCar interim service

This service is usually carried out after every six months and is preferred by drivers who use their cars for short distance driving. It is probably the best option if you own a brand new car that has not traveled much and is a cheaper option if you don’t have much to be checked on your car. During an interim service, the engine is checked to ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible and small but crucial aspects of the car such as tires, fluid levels, batteries and so forth are checked. To put it simply, it serves as a routine check-up to ensure that your car is working at an optimum level and won’t take much time to complete.

Car full service

During a full service, all of the previously mentioned aspects of your car are checked in addition to many of the more complicated features such as the coolant system and the wheel bearings. It is essentially a complete dress down of your car to make sure that every feature both small and big is working properly and it will take much longer than an interim service. Because of the complex nature of car full service, it is usually only carried out after a minimum of every 1 year after driving and it costs more.


In general, regular car service is important if you wish to prolong the life of your car. The kind of service you will need depends on the model of car you are driving, how long you have been driving it in addition to several other factors. Before rushing to get your car checked, you should always consult with a qualified mechanic to get an idea of what might need to be checked and fixed.

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