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Car Repair – What to watch out for

Car repair can range from a broken wing mirror to a faulty handbrake. As a motorist, its extremely important for your safety that you keep your car in top condition. Not to mention, it is more economical in the long run to make sure you’re on top of your car’s performance, just in case a small problem potentially develops into a bigger one.

Below are some common aspects of car repair and maintenance. However, if you have any problems with your car, no matter how big or small, the team at Kar-Dok will do their best to get you back on the road.

Car Repair

Climate Control

Did you know that 10% of gas permeates through your air conditioning system every year? That’s why most manufactures recommend that you get your air conditioning system recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. Air conditioning maintenance is not part of a routine service, so if your car is over 2 years old then it is most likely due for maintenance.

Car Repair


A modern car is full of electronics, and your car can’t run without them. Whether its the electric windows or the windscreen wiper motor, your car will usually require a diagnostics check to see whether a fuse has blown or whether the problem is more serious.

Car Repair

Windscreen Repair

A cracked windscreen is a problem that can get worse over time. What starts as a small chip can develop into a crack, obscuring your vision and posing a risk to your safety. Your windscreen provides up to 30% of the vehicles structural integrity, and the passenger airbag relies on the windscreen for support if it deploys. It is strongly advised to get the chip repaired before it develops into a crack. If you have a chip or crack on your windscreen, the mechanics at Kar-Dok will be more than happy to help you get back on the road.