MOT Changes in the UK: From 20 May 2018

MOT Changes in the UK: 20 May 2018

MOT Changes in the UK: From 20 May 2018

On the 20th of May, 2018, the rules for the MOT were changed with immediate effect. This change will be affecting 3 countries, namely Wales, Scotland and England. In Northern Ireland, however, the MOT test works under a different set of rules. Vehicles affected by this change include vans, cars, motorcycles as well as various other vehicles for light passenger travel.

Drivers should take note of the following key changes:

1. There are different categories to classify vehicle defects namely:

  • Minor- which means that the defect bears no significant threat to other vehicles or the environment.
  • Dangerous- which means that the vehicle bears a significant threat to a road, passenger and environment safety and should be removed from the road until a proper repair is conducted.
  • Major- which means that there is a great possibility that the vehicle will be a threat to road, passenger and environment safety and should be taken for repair ASAP.

Testers will advise drivers of potential defects that need attention which will be classified as Advisories. In the event that all is well, vehicles will be granted a pass and allowed to operate on the roads per usual, provided that they maintain high standards at all times.

2. Cars manufactured with diesel particulate filters (DPF) will face harsher limits and major faults should the tester uncover smoke emissions from the exhaust regardless of colour or find evidence of visible tampering of the DPF. Drivers not sure if their car comes with a DPF are advised to check their handbooks for confirmation.


3. There will be a few additions to the MOT test that include:

  • Checking for under-inflation of tires.
  • Checking for fluid leakage that could pose a serious threat to the environment./li>
  • Looking out for contaminated brake fluid.
  • Checking for missing discs and brake lights as well as warning lights on the brake pads.
  • Checking reversing lights and headlight washers (if they are present) on all vehicles who have been travelling since September 1, 2009.
  • Checking the running lights (daytime) on all vehicles operating since the 1st of March 2018.

4. The MOT certificate will bear a brand new design that carries a list of all defects, categorized for convenience.


5. Certain vehicles that are older than 40 years, will be exempt from taking an MOT test. This will only apply if the vehicle has not undergone substantial change and applies to vehicles who are past their 40th anniversary since they were manufactured or registered. For drivers not sure how old they are, it is possible to check online for accurate dates. There is no application needed to be exempt from taking an MOT test, but when you are listing your vehicle under your taxes, you will be required to make a declaration that your car still meets the standards for MOT exemption.

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