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Brake Repair – Better Safe Than Sorry

Brake repair and maintenance is arguable the most important aspect of your vehicle. If you don’t keep them in top condition, you could cause significant damage to your car, as well as risking your safety and the safety of other motorists. That’s why Kar-Dok will give you a FREE brake check with no obligation.

There are many different facets to your brake system to keep them working effectively, including the brake fluid, discs, pads, etc. Your driving habits will also dictate how often you need to repair your brakes. Scroll down to see a short guide to your brake system, including information on how often to maintain your brakes.

Brake Repair

Why is brake fluid important?

Brake fluid plays a crucial role in the brake system, as it transfers the force created when the driver steps on the pedal onto the wheel. Over time, the heat generated by the brakes can cause the brake fluid to evaporate, resulting in brake failure.

Brake Repair

When should I replace my brakes?

This depends on how you drive your car. People who drive mostly on the motorway won’t need their brakes serviced as often as people who drive mostly in towns or cities where braking is more frequent. It is recommended that brakes should be replaced if the brake pad has worn down to a thickness of 3mm.

Brake Repair

Why choose kar-dok?

At Kar-Dok we understand that your brakes are not only a crucial aspect of your safety, but also an extremely important factor for the long term maintenance and value of your car. That is why we offer a FREE brake check with no obligation.