On the 20th of May, 2018, the rules for the MOT were changed with immediate effect. This change will be affecting 3 countries, namely Wales, Scotland and England. In Northern Ireland, however, the MOT test works under a different set of rules. Vehicles affected by this change include vans, cars, motorcycles as well as various other vehicles for light passenger travel.
When it comes to our beloved cars, there is no avoiding future problems and breakdowns. All we can do is maintain our cars to ensure that any problems that may occur are not extensive or too costly to fix. With that in mind, car service is inevitable at some point. I have already gone into detail about how to decide whether your car is due for a car interim service or whether you are in need of a car full service and so, I will not discuss that in this article. I am, however, going to give you some tips on what to do after each car service:
Owning a car is exciting but carries a great deal of responsibility with it as well. You need to have your car serviced on a regular basis if you wish to enjoy the full benefits of owning a car. That being said, car service is more of a personal obligation than a legal requirement and so many people don’t always know when to have their car checked or how many times per year they need to. In addition to this, not everyone understands the importance of car service and many will likely ignore small problems until their car is in need of a full car repair.
There’s nothing quite like buying a new car. From compliments on your new wheels to the joy of not having to worry about car service for a while, driving a new car is refreshing. Unfortunately, many people fall in love with their cars and forget that it needs attention, much like any other car. It’s not unusual for owners to ignore something as simple as a car interim service and to allow problems to build up until they require complete car repair.

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