Driving in the Dark

Street lights are being switched off or dimmed to save money in three-quarters of England’s council areas, according to Labour Party research.

The party said much of Britain was being “plunged into darkness”, claiming the number of lights switched off had “soared” in recent years.

Ministers say it was for councils to “make the right call” on spending.

In recent years, authorities across the UK have been switching off street lighting after midnight, to varying degrees. Councils say they need to save money to preserve core services like social care and road maintenance | BBC News | 02DEC14

The Psychological Reason Some Women Love Wearing All Black

In colour psychology, being drawn to the colour black – especially in clothing – often signals a desire to reclaim one’s power. Whether that’s by trying to “shield” from certain emotions, create distance from people or communicate a need to be respected, preferring to wear all black is usually a subconscious message to the self and others.

Colours stimulate our brains in different ways and the way we respond to certain colours can say a lot about who we are | Brianna Wiest | Updated August 29, 2018

You see them every day, everywhere. Glued to their devices, these pedestrians are busy texting, watching videos or playing mobile games on their mobile phones.

So caught up in their own world, they seem oblivious to what is around them – stairs, other pedestrians or, worse, oncoming traffic.

Motorists are not the only ones who are distracted by their phones. Pedestrians are equally guilty of texting while using the roads and putting their lives at risk. | Straights Times

Put these three articles together

Stop and think

People are putting themselves at risk by wearing black, in darkened street glued to their phones (not paying attention)

This causes grief for drivers, road users and pedestrians alike

It’s all avoidable

Think about what you are doing

See and be seen.

Walking in traffic with a phone stuck in your ear will guarantee you a visit to A & E …………. or the morgue?

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